3-Legged-Tortoise Video

What do you do with a 3-legged tortoise?

Gamera, an African tortoise from Idaho had a badly damaged leg. The vets at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at the Washington State University had to amputate the leg.

But having a missing leg can be hard on tortoise that weighs more than 20 pounds. So Dr. Nickol Finch decided to give this 3-legged tortoise a new leg.

She decided that a wheel would work best. After trying different sizes of wheels used to move furniture, she chose one, and attached it to Gamera's plastron, the underside shell.

Three months after the repair, the hospital took this video.

Tortoise, WSU CVM July 2011 from BCU @ WSU CVM on Vimeo.

Video used by permission of Washington State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital

This leg works so well that the tortoise can walk across grass, pavement, and bark.

This 3-legged tortoise isn't three-legged any more. He will get to live a long life at the hospital where he will help the vets in their teaching.

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