Curious Jared

by Alireza Zamani

Eating Time!

Eating Time!

I have a tortoise.his name is Jared! he is a greek. he is very curious! he always loves to chase our foots and bite them!!! he is also very very fast!!!

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Apr 10, 2010
Jared The Toe Biter
by: Anonymous

Your Video of Jared is so cute. I own 4 Greek tortoises and can truly say they have never tried to bite me. They are the sweetest Tortoises I own.
They crawl up to me and fall asleep beside me. I even have one that sleeps on my shoulder when I'm laying in the sun. I have 3 Russian Tortoises as well and they are another matter. They will and have bitten me and my dog. Its not often, but I've learned to watch my fingers when I feed them by hand. Thank-you for your lovely story about Jared!

Dec 07, 2009
Go, Jared, Go!
by: Shelly

I think many people are surprised by how quickly a tortoise can move.

I hope you have many happy years with Jared.

Keep is slow and steady.

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