Franklin The Tortoise's Winter Adventure

by Sylvia Bisbee
(Halfmoon Bay Canada)

Hi, My name is Franklin.I am a red earred slider. I live in Halfmoon Bay and have been here for about 18 years with my buddy Leonardo. The children, who adopted us have grown up and left home, so now their mom Sylvia looks after me, (actually she always did).

Anyways, last summer I spent my vacation out in the back yard. It was lovely. We had lots of yummy bugs to eat and sunshine and our own private pool. What a vacation it was. We got so fit and strong as we had lots of room to run around and play in. But eventually, it started to cool off. As you know when we turtles get cool we need to bury ourselves and have a nice long sleep. So, that's what I did. Leo kept telling me not to bury myself so deep. He thought Sylvia would come to take us into our Winter Condo and not find me. But I just couldn't wait.

When I woke up this spring, the world around me was different. The green was greener and the sky was much bluer than I remembered. But Leo was gone and my Summer place had changed. My pool had vanished as well as the fence that kept me safe from raccoons and the eagles that often circled around to see what we were up to. I was very upset, as I felt so disoriented. Leo has been with me since we were babies. I have
never been away from him. She lived in my boy's grade one class before he came to live with me 18 years ago and we have become very close. She even laid an egg for me once! So,you can imagine my feelings of despair to be without her. Soon after I awoke and came to the surface to feel the warmth of the sun on my shell, I heard this frightening rumbly sound, which brought me out of my turmoil about Leo and right back into the present. It sounded like a huge monster was coming towards me! The world was shaking and I had nowhere to escape! Then it turned and went the other way. Suddenly it turned and was coming at me again. It was the man from my house. He was pushing a loud smelly machine right at me. I waved frantically at him and he finally saw me. He picked me up, sprayed me off with the hose and took me inside where I was happily reunited with my lifelong friend.

We had so many things to share about our adventures. I was extremely happy to be back where it was safe and warm, with my dearest friend. It had been quite a winter!

Leo had some very interesting stories to tell me about his winter antics without me. It seems our kids came home and brought lots of friends who were really interested in Leo. But those stories will have to be shared another day.

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Jul 24, 2008
Franklin the Tortoise is Saved!
by: Shelly


Franklin, I am so glad you made it!

Humans have lots of noisy machines that make trouble for tortoises. It's a good thing your humans love you and keep on eye out for you even while they are using their noisy machines.

I hope you have a happy, happy summer now that you are awake again. And next year, please don't dig do deep. But you probably already decided that.

Keep it slow and steady

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