Frozen tortoise???

We forgot about our redfooted tortoise & left him outside one night when the temperatures dropped below 40degrees. We found him the next morning frozen & what we thougtht was dead. After being devestated that we had killed out turtle, we placed him a box, prepared to bury him later that day. Although we thought he was a goner, we found him,about 7hrs later, slowly coming back to, a day later he is still out of sorts, but still with us.

What exactly happened to him & will he make a full recovery?

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Jan 31, 2011
frozen tort
by: Anonymous

When you have a tortoise you need to find a good vet for exotic Pets. I would suggest soaking him in warm water a couple times a day. If he doesn't, improve quickly you must get him to a vet ASAP. If u can't afford this u must release him to a rescue society in your area. foots r a tropical Tortise. The need warm and humidity...a heat lamp Iva and a UVB lamp.please never bring a pet into your home you can't care for.

Jan 31, 2011
Chilly Tortoise
by: Shelly

I can't say for sure what happened and what will happen. You might want to see a vet for detailed information.

You didn't say whether you have given the tortoise a warm soak. That will certainly be appropriate.

I suggest you continue to keep an eye on the tortoise and do see a vet if there is not continued progress.

Please report back what happens. This will help others who visit the site.

Keep it slow and steady.

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