I love my tortoises so much I started a forum!

by Melody


Our tortoises are so cute!

My boyfriend and I are obsessed with our babies!

Hello Melody,

I am happy that you love your tortoises. Tortoises need to be loved just like everyone else.

I'm sorry that you didn't put a picture of your tortoises here and tell us more about them. We would like to see them and know more about them.

Keep it slow and steady.


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Feb 26, 2012
by: Penguin

I love my tortoise soooo much!!!!!!!!

Sep 17, 2011
Tell us more
by: Shelly


I'm so glad you love your tortoise. Why don't you tell us more. You can even make a whole page about your tortoise on this site for free and as easily as you posted your last message. You do that in the Tortoise Brag Book here...


Get a photo or two ready as well. Then the whole world will see how much you love your tortoise.

Keep it slow and steady.

Sep 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

I searched on google "I love my tortoise" and i found this. I bought a russian tortoise a few months back and have recently realised that I LOVE IT! I would spend asmuch money as needs be to keep it happy... freaky stuff

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