Indian star baby Tortoise

by Shreyas

I am from India my brother got a star baby Tortoise.

I was Opposed to this coz i feel we would cause harm to the animal then any good by keeping it at our house coz tortise are not pet animals like dogs or cat.

But he went ahead and purcahsed it .In our country this is illegal.We feed him very good hydrated him.He was ok for 15 days but after dat he started behaving diffrently he was more scared and used to hide inside sheel for a long period of time. He ate less and slept more.

On the day of 24 oct-2011 when a woke up i tried to feed him water but he would not respond i treid alot but der was no reaction.I felt very heavy from inside then.He died that morning he was hardly 2 months old.I had tears in my eyes even if he was with us for 15 days we started treating like a part of our family.He probally died in sleep.We buried him.

I am not able to ascertain the coz of his dead.
If any one knows any pls comment on this thread i really want to know.Pls.

And i want to make a appeal i know this is a site for ppl who rise tortise.But People it is coz of us they catch these beautiful creatures and remove them from there natural habitat.Pls people dont if u stop demanding they will stop catching them.

"If u really love this animal dont buy it love it."

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Jul 30, 2014

by: Anonymous

Thats so sad. sorry to hear about it.

Oct 25, 2011
by: Shreyas

Thanks guys for replying.

Oct 25, 2011
sorry about your tortoise.
by: Louman

Very unfortunate... Sorry about your turtle... It could have been many reasons, one probable cause would be that he was already sick when you had bought the little guy, just because their pet stores does not mean they care for them.. Another reason could've been dehydration, over heated turtle could be fatal, too cold could also be fatal, temperature is important. It could be many reasons...

Oct 24, 2011
Star Tortoise
by: Shelly

I am so sorry to hear about your tortoise.

You are right. No one should be taking any tortoise or turtle from the wild. If it is illegal to own an animal in you area, there is a good reason for that.

Keep it slow and steady.

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