Kui the famous tortoise in kahaluu Hawaii

by Stephen D Lynch

Get Kui's Book Online Now -- The Travels of Kui The African Spurred Tortoise

Get Kui's Book Online Now -- The Travels of Kui The African Spurred Tortoise

Kui is a six year old African Spurred Tortoise that now lives in Kahaluu Oahu.

About 3 years ago I was watching Kui in the back yard and a thought came to mind that it would be a great idea to write a children's book about Kui. This started out as just something to do, but in time the story grew and now Kui's book has been published.

The book is titled The Travels of Kui the African Spurred Tortoise.

This book is inspired by Kui and Kui gets all the credit. The story is about Kui being born but he in the last tortoise of his egg shell. Kui finds himself all alone and hungry. When Kui goes off in search of his family and food, Kui's adventures begins. Kui encounters great friendship, and help from his new-found friends gives Kui the strength and encouragement to continue his adventure.

This book is to express the importance of family, friendship, and helping others. I hope this book will be an ongoing series as Kui travels the world introducing children of the different places in the world.

Kui has hopes his book will suggest that no matter who or where you are from we are all very much alike.

Hi, Stephen and Kui,

Yay for your book! Kui, I'm sure you will be telling Stephen many tortoise stories. And, Stephen, I hope you will write them all down so other people can know them.


Keep it slow and steady.

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Jun 23, 2012
Kui Walk !
by: catie

Thanks for letting me and my friends stop and play today with Kui! it was nice to meet you Steve!!!

May 03, 2011
Our Hawaiian Adventure
by: Lori & Jon

Hi Stephen & Kui
We took a wrong turn trying to ascape the traffic and we found you walking Kui and stopped to take a picture. That made our day! We will have to get your book.

Sep 04, 2008
Hey Steve and Kui
by: Anonymous

Your book is great it has made its way all the way to Texas it is a really good story great for all ages cant wait for the next book.

Aug 23, 2008
Kui's TV interview
by: Anonymous

Aloha you can see Kui's TV interview on KHNL 5 news in Hawaii. Or just type in Kui in the news to see his complete video. Not sure how impressed kui was LOL

Aug 19, 2008
by: Anonymous

My youngest son received and read the original script first and i left it up to him to imagine what, where, and how Kui looked like, met, and traveled to during Kui's journey. My son was more amazed after reading the actual published book that had pictures. He really enjoyed the wonderful colorful artistic pictures and was able to compare his imagination thoughts to the book that he brought it to school to share with his class. I recommend this book to all readers from birth to infinity. Its worth it.

Aug 19, 2008
Aloha Steve and Kui
by: Pat

Your stories are wonderful and I can't wait to hear more. I even shared your book with our local library

Aug 18, 2008
by: popeye

Your book is fantastic. I bought 2 books for my grand kids.

Aug 18, 2008
HI kui
by: Nichole

Hi, Kui your book is very good my son reads it daily.. cant wait to hear more stories.. love you!

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