My Sweet Baby Buckeye

by Sarah



Buckeye is the best tortoise you could ever imagine! She is sweet and funny. She loves to go outside on hot summer days and run around.

I named her Buckeye because I live in the Buckeye State. (Ohio)

While I'm writing this, my sweet baby tortoise girl is underneath the computer chair sleeping on my warm fuzzy socks. She has never bitten a soul and lives happily with me while I spoil her rotten! She runs towards cars which has me a little worried.

I think Buckeye has set a Guiness World Record for animal that has consumed the most peas in the world. She's a little piggy and usually eats several times a day. I will always love Buckeye even if she does like to eat people's dinners. (I put her on my lap while I was eating and she ate my green beans!!!)

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Feb 12, 2010
by: Sarah

i forgot i wrote this article! buckeye is still the world's best tortoise!

Jan 07, 2010
by: Brionni

I can tell hes a horsfield

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