Mystery's Page

by TortoiseLover

This is Mystery's Page! Enjoy it!

Name: Mystery (obviously)

Age: We think she's 4, but we're not positive

Breed: She's a beautiful Leopard Tortoise

How she got her name: People are always asking me that, because they consider it kinda strange for a tortoise. When we first got her, we weren't sure of her gender, so we called her Mystery.

If I could:

Give her an award-Most Stubborn, Most funny, Cutest Tongue (Strange but true)

Take her anywhere: Some giant field-she'd love it.

Give her any birthday present: A lifetime supply of fruit

Her least favorite food: Blueberries

Her favorite food: Rasberries

Things that scare her: Loud Music (usually Rap), Potatoes (I don't know why)

She likes following squirrels around the yard.

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