ricky the horsefeild tortoise!

by tortoie

well , i have only had my tortoie for a short while and havent seen all of his jokes ....but today he was having his first outdoors day ! so we put him on the grass and let him wander around ...then i noticed that ricky was having a real goood run up to the garden bush .then when he got there he sniffed and turned back?so i put him back to the other side of the garden only to find he had done it once again !he kept doing this for a while , untill we put him in his run and we still dont know what draws him to it!

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Nov 04, 2011
Toto the horsfield tortoise
by: margaret

Just read about Ricky and mine is just the same. l let him wander about the kitchen and bedroom. lf he strays to somewhere like behind a unit or behind something that l cannot get behind to get him out l lift him away to the other side of the room. He will turn to the place l have lifted him from and head back. l am sure if l blindfolded him turned him round twice and took the blindfold off him he would go right back to where he is not allowed to go. Uncanny sense of direction. He is only 3 & 1/2" long, just a baby.

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