Rocky My Tortise


At home I have my verry own pet tortise. He is a Baby Golden Greek Tortise his name is Rocky. So now heres his story.
One day some friends of ours came over just to hang out, my and my sisters friend came over, she loves animals and she told me that she made something for Rocky I said what is it? And it was a shirt, dress, oultfit whatever you want to call it. So later in the day I wanted to let him try it on. So I put it on him he looked pretty good I have to admit. It was also pretty cute waching him walk around in the great gift that she made for him. But I'm just saying it was kind of funny seeing your baby tortise walk around in a purple,orange,pink and yellow peice of cloth that fit him perfectly to be a shirt or a dress.
I have to say that was a somthing that i will never forget.

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