Slowby The Georgeous Tortoise Wonder

by Kristina
(Lake stevens, WA)

Slowby out for her grazing

Slowby out for her grazing

I have a wonderful, 15 year old tortoise. She is so silly, always standing on her food when she eats. Sometimes she throws tantrums, like when I give her carrots (she hates carrots) and she will pick them up with her mouth and throw them. It is astounding what an attitude this girl has. She is just like me :)

She also loves to get her chin scratched, though extremely shy around everyone but me. She is quite a fast walker too, often meeting my slow stroll.
She is a beauty as well, having posed for 100's of pictures she helped me build up quite a portfolio. What a great helper. She is my lifetime buddy.

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Apr 09, 2010
Slowby is a cutie.
by: Anonymous

Just read your story about Slowby..What a cutie and I love her name. She looks like a Russian Tortoise to me. Am i right. I own 3 Russians and I love them all. I also own Greeks, Africans and a Red Headed Red Footed South American Tortoise. They all are different and yet much the same. I'm glad you have such a wonderful Tortoise to keep company with! I am addicted to the Tortoise World.

Oct 22, 2008
Tortoise, or Rabbit?
by: Audrey

Your story reminded me of a friend's pet rabbit. Her name is Patrick Roi because the owner was a young hockey fan when he got the rabbit, and Patrick Roi was his favourite goalie.

But what I found most interesting about Patrick was the way she responded to Tupperware containers. She would take them in her mouth and flip them distainfully over her shoulder. If you put one back in front of her, she would flip it away again. She had zero tolerance for Tupperware the way your tortoise seems to hate carrots.

Thank you for sharing your story. I enjoyed the memories it stirred up.

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