tortie nuts

by eden roux
(south africa western cape kuils river)

there was a tortise whith a very bad eyesight one day it was walking down path,while walking it overheard the two "mice" conversation the one said "have you seen the queen shes been quiet latley?" the other one replyed "no,i havent but ive seen her stress alot!" one thing for sure shes alot fatter now!then the tortoise stept in and said to the "mice" i dont mean to be rude but you two mice look very alike!" the "mice" answerd back what are you talking bout dummy? heres no other mouse it just me 1 mouse!!! oh said the tortoise but who were you then talking to? myself ansewerd the mouse in my refletion in that pice of class thats standing upstraight there stuck in the ground! oh sorry said the tortoise i wanna say two mice cant look so alike in there ugliness. and then the tortoise just walked on.

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