Witchy-Poo, the Eastern Box

by Lana
(Connecticut, USA)

I am Witchy-Poo, a pet eastern box turtle who was found in the wild crossing a road in the Catskills, I'm told, in 1969. (I do not advocate taking healthy animals like myself out of my environment without good cause. I've been with my human family for so long so I can not be released into the wild at this point. However, I am very happy where I am- accept when I'm grumpy, but hey, I'm old and I'm entitled to be!). At the time I was adopted, I was full grown, so I have been with my family for 43 yrs and I'm at least that old.

This video shows me on a walk outside with that other tortoise, Little Red. I see him from time to time, they keep us apart because I've got to have my own space, ever since I decided to sit on top of him during a bath in the sink. I had to show him who's boss after all!

This video is on Toewhite's channel on YouTube. You can also see Little Red (but why would you want to?) at GlumPuppet.com


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